SHMS PTO Membership - 2023-24 School Year

Members of the SHMS PTO organization can serve in different capacities whether it be as board member, a coordinator, an event chair, a volunteer, or an attendee at an event. It is up to the member to determine their level of commitment to the organization.

Through Paid PTO memberships, parents/guardians/faculty can show their financial support to the students and staff of SHMS as the membership fees are used to fund PTO events/initiatives that do not have registration fees.

Membership Registration Guidelines:

  • Each Parent PTO Membership is for entire SHMS family (1 or more parent, 1 or more children) for School Year 2023-24
  • Each Faculty PTO Membership is for SHMS staff member for School Year 2023-24
  • Families can signup by clicking the 'Register' button against the Parent PTO Membership and input their family information
  • SHMS Faculty can signup by clicking the 'Register' button against the Faculty PTO Membership and input their information
  • Participant information during registration is the same as your Child information. The membership registration form initially captures one child's information. If you have more than 1 child in SHMS - you can provide additional child's information at a later time from your 'Home' page after logging into the registration portal.


PTO Memberships

The Stone Hill Middle School PTO events are co-sponsored by Stone Hill Middle School. These activities are organized and run by parent volunteer team of SHMS PTO along with SHMS Staff.

SHMS PTO is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization under IRS Tax Code.